$50,000 CAD

Disklavier Mark IV

The Acoustic Grand Piano for the Digital Age

Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano For Sale

  • Model: DC5M4T MARK IV
  • 6'7" Conservatory Series) in polished ebony
  • Manufactured in Japan for North American market (our climate)

Location: Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Purchased new in February of 2006 through Island Piano Centre in Victoria, BC, now Tom Lee Music Co. Ltd.

$50,000 CAD

Disklavier Mark IV Photo Gallery

Excellent Condition

  • Well looked after and has never left its original home where it is located now
  • Disklavier player piano functionality with pocket remote controller
  • All manuals and guide books
  • Certificate of Authenticity included
  • padded music bench included

Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV Photo Gallery